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Pause suitable now. Stop regardless of what it is that you’re accomplishing, and feel about accurately how it feels to be you, in all your complicated originality, at this specific second in time. Possibly a easy label like “tired” or “excited” roughly captures it. But does it really do you justice?

Not practically.

Also typically, we are constrained by our vocabulary. Our subjective experience is so unique, high-quality grained, and dynamic that our tries to convey it completely hardly ever triumph. Believe of all the feelings and sensations you’ve had all through the earlier few months, and how language totally fails to seize their kaleidoscopic nuances.

The problems is that what we just can’t identify, we could wrestle to entirely comprehend or try to remember. Over time, the granularity of our ordeals ebbs absent, leaving us with hazy recollections of moments we label with basic phrases like pleased or unfortunate. This is a dilemma since, as a prosperity of investigate reveals, the much less we are mindful of and comprehend our thoughts, the a lot more we are at their mercy, and the much more we struggle to approach and manage them successfully.

The great information is that enable is at hand. Whilst all languages are restricted by itself, collectively, they can fill in some of our experiential gaps. Pretty much all languages deficiency phrases that can be uncovered in other tongues. In linguistics, these words are known as “untranslatable” conditions — although some scholars prefer “unlexicalized” —  and they are the topic of my very own analysis.

Most likely the basic case in point is the German phrase Schadenfreude, defined as malicious pleasure in reaction to the misfortune of one more. You in all probability have seen that a lot of English speakers also freely use this phrase (as indeed I am doing below). All languages “borrow” from a person yet another, getting conditions they lack and assimilating them into their lexicon as “loanwords,” thereby enriching the vocabulary of their speakers. Which is how languages evolve. What’s more, when we borrow, we increase our means to comprehend our ordeals in a differentiated and granular way. As the neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett has argued, these capacities are involved with better emotional intelligence and enhanced wellbeing.

Listed here, I am going to empower you with 12 words to enable you title some of your elusive encounters. And goodness appreciates we could do with some assistance right here, given how the turmoil of 2020 has destabilized our life, employment, and occupations.

Each individual illustration capabilities a tough pronunciation guideline (in the Global Phonetic Alphabet and in rough English phonemes), and a pretty primary definition (recognizing that terms are complex, and these short descriptions do not seize all their nuances). There are even tips for how you may well use them in a sentence (bearing in head that loanword adoption can be inelegant and challenging at 1st).

Bon appétit!

Arrangiarsi Italian / v. / a.ranˈʤaːsiː / a-rran-jar-see.
Virtually, arranging oneself.
The art of “making do” or “getting by,” usually with creativeness and ingenuity in the encounter of worries or constrained assets. Whilst it’s a verb (which are less well suited to borrowing), 1 could envision it staying adopted as a noun, as in, “I obtained it done ultimately with some crafty arrangiarsi.”

Arbejdsglæde Danish / n. / ɑːbaɪd̪ʱsˌglɪl / ar-bides-glil.
Basically, perform pleasure.
Satisfaction or gratification arising from one’s work and career-similar achievements. As in, “I’ve been sensation a good deal of arbejdsglæde currently.”

Capoter Quebec French Quebec / v. / kapɔte / kah-poe-tay.
Virtually, to overturn or derail.
Can be made use of in optimistic means to categorical delight or ecstasy, and also in negative approaches to imply feeling confused and/or at a loss. Yet again, even though a verb, one particular could think about it staying adopted as a noun, as in, “This new work is a authentic capoter!”

Desasosiego Spanish / n. / dɛ.səˌsəʊ.sɪ.ɑːgəʊ / dess-ass-oss-ee-ah-go.
Pretty much, unrest, unease, stress and anxiety.
A point out exactly where just one simply cannot uncover solace in overall body and mind emptiness, unrest, soreness, longing and drive all in just one. As in, “Twenty-twenty really has been a desasosiego of a yr.”

Eudaimonia Greek / n. / juːdᵻˈmoʊniə / you-de-moe-nia.
Practically, “good spirit” or “good conscience.”
Psychological and character growth and ensuing experiences of flourishing and success. As in, “Happiness is not only about satisfaction and gratification, but also requires cultivating eudaimonia.”

Feierabend German / n. / faɪɐʔaːbənt / fireplace-ar-bent.
Practically, evening celebration.
The upbeat or calm temper that can get there at the close of a working day (nevertheless can also just signify the day’s conclude by itself, with no certain festive connotation). As in, “What a working day it’s been, but at the very least it’s Feierabend at past.”

Fika Swedish / n. / fiːkæ / charge-kah.
Basically, a coffee crack, but elevated into an important daily ritual of bonding and link. As in, “We must get started obtaining a frequent fika jointly!”

Firgun Hebrew / n. / fɪə.guːn / feer-goon.
Basically, unbegrudging empathetic pleasure.
Vicarious and overt (expressed) pride and contentment at other’s successes. Use this to celebrate your colleagues’ achievements (and be celebrated in return)! As in, “I’m entire of firgun for you.”

Ikigai Japanese / n. / iːkiːɑiː / ee-kee-gaee.
Literally, existence final result, value, use, or gain in essence, owning this means and reason in life, and a motive for staying.
In relation to operate, it can denote the sweet spot in the Venn diagram where by there is a important alignment amongst (a) what you are very good at, (b) what you get pleasure from, (c) what the entire world requirements, and (d) what the world can in fact pay back you for executing. As in, “My ikigai is unique from what I do to receive a residing.”

Sati Pāli / n. / sa:tiː / sah-tee.
Basically, recollection or remembrance.
Crystal clear, mindful awareness of the existing second, in particular in a kindly, non-judgmental spirit. Although this is the origin of the English phrase “mindfulness,” in its authentic Buddhist context it included moral and spiritual dimensions that are typically lacking from present-day definitions of mindfulness. As in, “It’s seriously significant to convey a spirit of sati into the workplace.”

Savoir faire French / n. / sav.waʀ.fɛʀ / sav-wah-fare.
Basically, understanding how to do.
The skill to behave in a proper and self-confident way in various scenarios charisma, diplomacy, and verve. As in, “She really lights up the area with her savoir faire.”

Ubuntu Zulu / n. / ʊˈbuːntʊ / uu-boon-tuu.
Actually, humanity, or I am since you are.
Relationship, compassion and kindness on the foundation of prevalent humanity mutual comprehension, treatment, and regard. As in, “Ultimately, ubuntu is what matters, and we will need to do right by other people today.”