If you are an owner of a small business then you must understand, how difficult is to run a small business, with strong competition, low margins, strict schedules and more chances of your business failing. 

According to the survey, more than 90% of buyers search online before they choose to make a purchase. In fact, 93% of all online dealing begins with a search engine like Google. 

Good rankings are now considered as good quality, that is e reason why so many businesses are paying a good amount on SEO to place their business in the top three sites on the search results of Google. Or at least rank on the initial page. There are above 250 factors of main ranking that Google evaluates before they place your site on the first page of their search results. 

In order to get more traffic, visibility and sales and to boost brand supremacy, you will require to have a better marketing strategy in right place by using the right techniques. And what else could be a better method than SEO to make your visibility felt than by utilizing it?  A decent SEO package is built to benefit your company exactly the way you want. however, deciding SEO packages for small businesses from Artimization will not only support your businesses to flourish but also succeed in achieving the profitable landmarks to become noticeable. It is a trustworthy digital marketing agency that offers reliable and terrific services to their customer in the field of technology and business strategies in the digital world.

Artimization SEO

Before we go in depth about the SEO packages let us give you some statistic information about it. 

Important Statistics: How SEO Helps Small Businesses 

  • According to the google survey, “50% of mobile searchers visit a store within one day of searching for it online.
  • As per Search Engine land, “Local customer review survey, 88% of consumers place a high level of importance on online reviews.”
  • “72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles.” 
  • Researches show that between “70-80% of people research a company online before visiting the small business or making a purchase with them.”
  • “87% of all smartphone users make search engine queries at least once a day.” 

Hence, SEO is helping businesses to expand more than ever, and in the future, it will be the evident that businesses that have tremendous online existence have higher chances of success. 

The Basic Ranking Factors

Unless you have a lot of time to dedicate it to SEO, you are will not see favorable results. That is what SEO companies do. Not only are they skilled professionals, but they are also entirely committed to taking your small business website to the first page of Google.

Remember, there are more than 250 ranking factors Google is keeping into consideration. Those can be divided into some of the 4 crucial factors. 

Those factors are: 

  • Technical SEO 
  • High-quality content 
  • Authoritative backlinking  A good user-experience 

These important factors help you to get your website from anonymity to visibility in the search engines. 

Technical SEO: This ensure your website is strong and touch the standard of Google’s algorithms the way they want it to be handled. Maintaining proper page titles, meta descriptions, rich snippets, H1 tags an XML sitemap, a Google Analytics and Robots.txt file suitably installed are all crucial and important updates that need to be analyzed and completed if your website has any possibility to rank. 

High-quality content: How your consumer knows about you if you do not tell them who you are and what you deal? Google acts the same manner. If you do not have description illustrating your outputs and services in detail, you are just a good-looking site with things to click on. Websites not showing high-quality content can’t rank for high quantity keywords just because they are not powerful enough. Content should be one of the main components of any technique an SEO company offers. 

Authoritative backlinking: Linking the site of your company with other high-quality sites creates your online credibility. The setback of that is associating your site attached to low-quality and harmful sites. You may have noticed declarations from companies or freelancers saying “I’ll build you 500 backlinks in one day!” remember it is a trap. Mostly these services they offer are significantly cheap. But be sure, you receive what you pay for and ordinary work could only give you a massive headache. 

A good user-experience: Google is a professional at the end of the day. Consider of page 1 of Google as their top 10 suggestions. They do not approve those websites that are hard to use. User-experience shows a big part on your website skill to transform site visitors into paying customers. Making certain it is quick, responsive and has simple navigation will guarantee that people who view your site will not go away without connecting it. 

Important SEO Areas for Small Businesses That We Focus On

At Artimization, their custom-made SEO Packages for small business emphasis on these fundamental aspects:

Research & Structure: 

Research and point out the main keywords by using Google Keyword planner. After finalizing keywords, they develop configuration for keywords on every page. 

Competition Analysis:

Finding out your opponents by performing competition analysis and make strategy of the SEO plan according to surpass the keywords on the search engine. 

SEO Audit:

Evaluating the existing website and trace your website’s drawbacks to increase your website rankings & online visibility by the help of SEO.

Onsite SEO: 

Optimize every page for the targeted keywords by adding description, meta tags, image optimization, internal linking, etc. On-page factors needed to rank keywords on Google SERP. 

Link Building:

Create backlinks to the homepage and other require pages to push referral traffic, search ranking position and improve the authority of the site.

Regulate Traffic and Rankings:

Search engine takes some time to revamp links and keywords. As quick as search engine updates and lists backlinks, they review traffic and ranking performance. 

SEO is a frequently changing industry, and for your business to grow to have your SEO needs to be outsourced to a digital marketing agency like Artimization so that they can enable your business to sync with the contemporary digital norms. 

In general, in this digital world where an internet existence is an essential, optimal and affordable SEO package for small business is a promising way to move ahead. 

Reasons Why Hiring an SEO Firm is Good Choice Than an In-house Team

There are five logical reasons why contracting an experienced, reliable SEO firm is actually better than creating out your own in-house SEO team. 

1. Instant Team with Real Knowledge

When you hire an SEO firm, you remain your manpower in your hand. Also, if you do not completely know SEO, how can you be so obvious that the person you are employing is really the best person for the job? A trustworthy SEO company has lots of skilled members to help in making policy or settling any issues. 

2. Proven Experience, Skilled and Education

Hiring a verified SEO company not only gets your work complete immediately, but they are also there to respond to your queries, consult and used other online marketing strategies. A reliable SEO company generally has a track record containing case studies and a good-sized SEO team.  Furthermore, relying on the company, they will keep their employees’ information updated by allotting time to testing, research, and attending SEO conferences globally. 

3. Connections and Collaborative Efforts: 

An SEO firm along with the connections and expertise analyzes your project through many professional’s eyes. As compared to building your own in-house team, the outcome and technique that is behind your SEO campaign get looked at by other directors, managers and VPs. Keeping all your eggs in one basket and relying on a single individual to sell your products online is unsafe. The fact is, without numerous experienced eyes on a campaign, poor decisions from inexperience or absence of knowledge can seriously damage your SEO both long and short term. 

4. Much Easier to Manage:

Reliable SEO companies are always accessible. You just need to pick up a phone and call them during business hours. For many firms, SEO can be very confusing. The reality is, giving your SEO project into the responsible hands of verified professionals is simpler to manage. It does not consume much time of your day and you still receive all the required results. 

5. Performance Driven

SEO companies will effort as much as they can to keep you as your client. This thought motivates an improvement in productivity and a higher level of achievement. All SEO companies track the progress of the campaign via rankings, analytics, and comprehensive return on investment. Hiring an in-house SEO can also gain better results, but because of their different working mentality, the results can come very differently.

Advantages of SEO Packages for Small Businesses:

The advantages of practical SEO are countless for small businesses, however a few important points that we have identified in our experience of benefiting customers are: 

Increase the clients: If you feel it hard to persuade new customers; it can enable you to enhance your SEO and optimize your business website to improve the website traffic and as a consequence make your project profitable. 

SEO Amplifies Marketing Efforts: The helpful SEO with good packages can help possible customers search your business if they do not comprehend the name. 

SEO Enable You To Convert a Business into a Brand: Helpful SEO can enable businesses to seem in the first page of Google’s search results, thereby giving possible customers an optimistic image of your business and suggesting it further. Most of the time consumers choose the first two or three business links that show on search result, it can help you attain that spot-on search engines. 

SEO Helps Make Better Business Supports: A highest number on search engines not only draws customers but also other businesses that have their own clients, hence it has a magnifying effect on suggestions. It can help you build stronger business supporters in your local space. 

SEO Rewards Hard-work: Being an entrepreneur you make a lot of hard work on your business, optimizing SEO with good services can efficiently show this hard-work on the business webpage, thereby assisting in lessening your marketing efforts as well as budget.

What Does an SEO Package for Small Businesses Cover? 

With ranging prices out there, every firm will give a diverse set of strategies and deliverables, but no worries how much money you spend in SEO, you should get the features listed below.. 

1. A Custom SEO Strategy  

SEO is not a short-term solution. Small business SEO packages should be customized to the company based on foundational technical SEO, its objectives, its industry, and the level of competition in that industry. 

2. Keyword Search 

In the keyword research, you and your SEO company should achieve a set of keywords and phrases to place on the top for online searches. Along with this, keyword analysis should be a rival analysis and keyword problem report. Once you have determined a set of keywords, your approach should change correspondingly. Your SEO company should strategize daily as Google modifies their algorithm on a regular basis. 

If the company you intend to hire is competent enough, they should guide you on which keywords to concentrate on first and give an expected time to show results. 

3. Website and On-Page Optimization

On your website, any faults that may hinder the SEO efforts. Factors like UI, UX, and page loading speed are essential for having stellar content with strong page-level optimization. Consider your website as a shop where people would want to step into and buy from it.  It should be attractive enough from its looks to bring customers and have content appealing enough for the people to stay around. This, however, is easy to say than make it done because everything has to approve by Google Webmaster Guidelines and yet be enticing for the users.

4. Backlinks from Authority Sites  

Circumstances have been modified so much that backlinks from blog comments, forum posting, and article directories do not possess as much importance as they used to back in the old days. Now, backlinks from appropriate, high-quality sites are all that values when it comes to establishing online reliability. This is where SEO companies that make commitments too good to be real end up losing. 

An agency of professionals will give you an evaluation of the number of links they can create monthly, which should be reasonable. But do not worry, the number of links does not value much; it is all about their work quality. 

5. Periodical Reporting

How often an SEO company provides you reports vary considerably. Some give weekly reports, some provide monthly, and some ask that you concentrate on the “big picture” and “let them do their job while you focus on the results.” In general, opinion, trusting a company that refers to the third category is not a good idea!  Because no matter how great the name of the company may be, they should not excuse you for not giving you reports. Clarity and accountability are necessary in every working bond; that’s why you must emphasize preparing monthly reports at least. Having reports will let you follow the number of leads captured, links created, and other vital activities. 

6. An Ongoing Education

You want outcomes for your business, and you are not an SEO expert so, you require an SEO company that describes the metrics in a way that makes sense to a business. Getting regular calls from your SEO company is not the industry’s standard, unfortunately, but SEO companies that actively teach their customers are the exceptional ones. It just so happens they at Artimization are one of the few who ensure a regular call with their clients. 

SEO Plan artimization

What do You need To See in The SEO Package for Small Business? 

Small business cannot manage many resources or much money, so to pick the best SEO package; you want to see the following in your SEO package: 

Price: This is without a doubt the most significant and fundamental thing which you require to look in your SEO package. 

Review of Satisfied Customers: Before you decide on the SEO agency and its plan, you must review their customer list who has served from the work of this SEO agency. 

Best Practice and Measurable Results: Many agencies are doing unfair practices in the name of SEO activities. Search engines like Google continually include algorithms to prevent such practices. So it is essential that your SEO agency serves best practices and shows you the calculable results against the key metrics. 

Personal Support: You must get personal help from your SEO agency. 

Artimization SEO Pricing

Artimization is providing unique three packages for their customers.

  • Silver: In their silver package, they offer ten keywords, including five primary and five secondary, with the price of US$299 monthly.
  • Gold: with the cost of US$499 per month, they offer twenty-five keywords that comprise ten primary and fifteen secondary keywords.
  • Platinum: This platinum package of Artimization is a complete package with a cost of US$849 per month, where they offer no less than 50 keywords, including twenty primary and thirty secondary keywords.

The SEO services that Artimization offers keep charging from $500 – $1000 monthly. The difference in pricing is because of the level of expertise or variation in the amazing services. They charge $299 – $849 per month for a similar standard of services.

Their team of experts is an enthusiast who generates 100% genuine traffic by avoiding unfair practices. As compare to other SEO agencies, their pricing is not only affordable but giving you 100% of result more than

Customers Reviews for Artimization

If we search around, we will find 4 to 5 start rating for Artimization.

Their customers are not only in the USA but spread in many countries like UK, Australia, France, Italy, London, Belgium, Dubai & Africa. They are completely satisfied with their work and appreciate the friendly, enthusiastic team of Artimization: “Their communication level with me is excellent that keeps me engaged in the entire process. Brilliant and intelligent people!”

Some of the other reviews where they served their clients by providing their expert services.

“We appreciate the work that has been done for us by Artimization. They have shown things at their best level. Their guidance, service, feedback, response and traffic at our presentations and our recently designed booth at a conference held currently were extremely positive.”

The clients of Artimization also appreciate them as a phenomenal team of experts who prioritized their customers: “Artimization has such a phenomenal team and they are 100% customer focused. I found them through reading reviews about them, and yes, all the reviews are correct, they have truly mastered the art of making the customer happy. I will definitely be using them again for future projects. It’s rare to find customer-focused service providers such as these, in the world that we live in. I hope they will keep this up and satisfy all their clients this way.”

Why Choose Artimization For SEO Of Your Small Business? 

Digital marketing needs a proper understanding of marketing techniques and expertise in the knowledge of the Google search algorithm. Hence one should choose a team with appropriate knowledge and experience of the latest trends and methods of white hat SEO. Artimization is offering different services; that is why is become the priority for many small businesses.

  • Cost-effective SEO packages 
  • More than 10 years of experience in digital marketing. 
  • Understanding of the latest Google search algorithm. 
  • White hat SEO techniques followed. 
  • Having a professional team of search engine optimization specialists. 
  • Over 1000 satisfied clients. 
  • Amazing customer feedback. 
  • 99.99% guaranteed results. 
  • Quick turnaround.   

At Artimization, they understand that each business is different. Efficient and customized SEO Packages as per your business requirements and experts in the field can help you turn your local business into a profitable brand. With various packages, you can decide the best one that suits your budget and business demands to encourage you to make your business flourishing and prosperous.