It is every networker’s dream to be able to make connections, get endless referrals and build a powerful network with just one touch. Reality is this takes work. Networking is a tool that has to be sharpened and the user must develop the skill. As you continue to build connections and expand your endeavors, you can discover best practices. You can learn how to effectively create and maintain relationships for business and social success. A couple of ways of doing that is to be personal and intentional in your methods.

Listed below are specific tips for connecting with your counterparts through social networking.

Go Postal

Once you have received an email, announcement or been tagged on social media, post it out to your networks. Share the value rich content and acknowledge the efforts of your counterparts. Being active on social media and spreading relevant info virally, scores big points. You can connect with others from overlapping networks and continue to build you online following. Remember, these connections are national and international individuals who can be potential customers, clients or fellow business counterparts.

Start a Trend

Make it a habit to jump on trending topics. It is a great way to stay up to date with news and current info as well as improve your professional development. Trending topics can be a great ice breaker for events. You can connect with people on interesting topics to find shared interests and platforms for doing business. If you are a blogger, it can be excellent posts for your site. You can also comment, re-post, re-tweet relevant info to continue to position yourself as an informational expert.

These useful and strategic tips can expand your networking efforts tremendously. It can polish your approach with individuals and grow your networks. Be consistent, intentional and personalize your methods for that Midas Touch.

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