A front-mounted V12 and an open top make a rare recipe for Ferrari magic.

Ferrari’s beloved front-engined V12 models have always made for beautiful, beloved, and beastly sports cars. The Ferrari 812 Superfast is certainly no exception. However, the addition of a convertible top to the 812 was game-changing. Before the 812 GTS’s release, 50 long years had gone by since the debut of Ferrari’s last open-top, front-mounted V12 model, and the 812 GTS made a welcome, and proper return to form for this beautiful and mythical genre of Ferrari.

812 GTS Price

The Ferrari 812 GTS is by no means an inexpensive car. That’s because it’s a unicorn, the first series-production, front-engined V12 Ferrari convertible in 50 years. And it’s bound to be even more of a unicorn because, for Ferrari and the entire automotive industry, the era of the V12 engine will soon be over. The 812 GTS is one of Ferrari’s last V12-powered models, and likely one of the last V12-powered cars to be made in the world. That said, the Ferrari 812 GTS price starts at $404,494, but used examples can cost as much as $700,000 to over $1 million. That’s because a Ferrari 812 GTS for sale is an opportunity to own a legend that will only build a legacy continuing in the future.

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812 GTS Review

The 812 GTS is unique even by Ferrari’s standards, and a Ferrari 812 GTS review shows that it’s a sports car and a supercar that will transcend eras and remain one of the most beloved and heralded cars far into the future. That’s because it features the rare Ferrari combination of a front-mounted V12 with a convertible top, and it does so in one of the most explosive ways possible. Thanks to its 6.5-liter engine, the Ferrari 812 GTS horsepower is 789, and at the time of its release, the Ferrari 812 GTS is the most powerful series-production convertible available on the market. Its classic grand touring roadster form makes it both elegant and brutally powerful, which is why it’s a car that will likely never go out of style.

812 GTS Specs

Like the car itself, the Ferrari 812 GTS specs are quite unique for a convertible and for a Ferrari. Because of its incredibly well-engineered retractable hardtop, like its Superfast counterpart, the 812 GTS is able to achieve incredible performance while still being a beautiful open-top car that’s ready to be passionately driven. The Ferrari 812 GTS top speed is 211 mph, and with a ¼ mile time of just 10.4 seconds and the Ferrari 812 GTS 0-60 time of a mere 2.7 seconds, it certainly doesn’t take any more time than necessary to get there.

Ferrari 812 GTS Specs
Price: $404,494
Engine: 6.5-liter V12
Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch automatic
Horsepower: 789 hp
Torque: 530 lb/ft
0-60 mph: 2.7 s
¼ mile: 10.4 s
Top Speed: 211 mph
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812 GTS Engine

The 6.5-liter V12 engine in the Ferrari 812 GTS is one of the most important pieces of the car and is what makes it so special. Like the Portofino, California, and other Ferraris before, Ferrari has made a front-engined spider, but with a V12 engine, the 812 GTS is the first of its kind to be in series production in 50 years. That engine remains naturally aspirated, while still producing an amazing 789 horsepower, thanks to its ability to rev to a beautifully high 8,900 rpm redline. That makes it an incredibly fast car, and while that may raise concerns about the car’s ability to handle due to weight distribution and the load on the front wheels, Ferrari solves this by situating the 812 GTS’s engine completely behind the front axle, technically making it a front-mid-engined car, and evening the weight distribution significantly.

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812 GTS Transmission

It’s undeniable: the manual transmission will always be loved and missed by the automotive community as it continues to dwindle among the cars we love, and with performance cars predominantly equipping the dual-clutch automatic, it’s dwindling faster than ever. However, there is definitely something to be said for the fact that Ferrari 812 GTS transmission is nothing if not racing ready. Much of the reason that the 0-60 time of 2.7 seconds, and the incredible quarter-mile time of 10.4 seconds is achievable is due to the ability of the car’s 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission to blast from one gear to the next faster than any left foot and right hand possibly could. So while you’d lament the loss of a manual transmission in the Ferrari 812 GTS, you’d be doing so in a very fast car.

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812 GTS Interior

As a performance car of the 812 GTS’s caliber should be, the car’s interior is outfitted with carbon fiber, shift lights on the steering wheel, and all the buttons, dials, and appointments that are there to make it go faster than most cars on the road. However, you’ll quickly notice that in true Ferrari fashion, the Ferrari 812 GTS interior gets a healthy dose of Italian luxury added as well. Beautiful leather upholstery across the car reminds you of the excellently crafted grand touring roadster you’re in, and that it’s just as easy to enjoy the 812 GTS on a gentle cruise as it is to send it virtually flying as fast as it can possibly go. If you prefer to do the latter, your passenger gets a screen in front of them that provides tachometer and speedometer information, so they can know just what you’re putting them through.

812 GTS Brakes

A car with this much go needs a lot of stop to match. Thankfully, the Ferrari 812 GTS brakes deliver on this front. When you’re driving this majestic and powerful car, you need to respect its capabilities, and trust that should the need arise, you can cut the speed safely. To help with this, the large brake discs are an impressive 15 inches in the front, and 14 in the back, meaning that while stopping might not be something you’ll want to do when you’re behind the wheel of such an incredible and powerful sports car, you can safely and confidently do so.

812 GTS Standout Features

The Ferrari 812 GTS is the ultimate grand touring car for purists. While it does things in the traditional way, it does these things in the best way possible, with its high-revving V12 engine that’s mounted behind the front axle for optimally athletic dynamics. However, the modern touches of this car are just as impressive, like the roof that can be transformed into an open top in just 14 seconds, and the electromagnetic suspension that makes it just as luxurious and comfortable as it is monstrously fast. Above anything else, the 812 GTS is Ferrari’s purest car in a long time, and it’s a beautiful ode to what makes driving and cars so special.

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