3 traditionally male garments that became unisex

Ashley S. Crofoot

During the last years, unisex clothing has gained unimaginable popularity, and for a good reason. These clothes are usually well-fitting, have interesting designs, and are also very basic, perfect to incorporate in your capsule wardrobe, whether you are a man or a woman. We all love them, but there is so much more to learn about the personality of these garments. Let’s dive into the history of three items that have originally only been worn by men but are now pieces of unisex apparel: 

Denim jeans

Our beloved denim jeans, without which we really cannot imagine our lives, were actually only … Read more

Design a Custom Heart Engagement Ring: 6 Tips and Tricks

Ashley S. Crofoot
Old Diamonds, New Ring: Reusing Family Diamonds in a New ...

Though round cut engagement rings are by far the most popular diamond shape for an engagement ring, why not try heart shaped diamond engagement rings? Hearts are the most popular symbol of love after all.

Heart shaped engagement rings would bring a lot of sentimental symbolism to how you may feel about your partner, mostly because of its heart ring design. Aside from that, heart cut engagement rings are considered a “fancy” cut because the sparkle and the brilliance are mostly at their maximum when finished. 

Plus, who else do you know has a heart shaped diamond ring? Not a … Read more

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