The automotive industry’s record is fueled by expensive competition, with one company generally seeking to outride one more. Vehicular capitalism has established some of the most gasoline-effective and environmentally friendly cars available since the first car was built in 1886 by Carl Benz. Pretty much a century and fifty percent afterwards, hundreds of car or truck makes and designs have come and absent, with some providers dying out and some others long lasting extended adequate to clearly show how their wares age by way of quite a few body types.

From cartoon people like Wile E. Coyote to Latin animal names like Cabriolet, some vehicle make and products from these “Jeopardy!” automobile clues stir up automotive nostalgia. Of study course, other helps make and designs by American and European automotive producers, from Ford and Typical Motors to BMW and Volkswagen, also have special names and options that set them apart in the listing of intelligent clues.

Stacker scoured the J! Archive, an on the net databases of additional than 407,000 “Jeopardy!” clues, to find 25 clues about cars to take a look at even the most enthusiastic car or truck lover. The database is latest as of November 2020. Alongside with each clue slide, its value, classification, and the day of the episode in which it was given are provided. The subsequent slide will reveal the respond to, alongside with a few interesting information about the response.

Inquiries variety in issues from $100 car or truck queries to $2,000 stumpers certain to set even the biggest motor vehicle enthusiast’s know-how to the examination. You may well know which nation is the world’s premier motor vehicle producer or what BMW stands for, but do you know which vehicle organization was at the time the world’s most significant producer of horse-drawn motor vehicles?

So, no matter whether you would gauge your auto expertise as an amber gambler who puts the pedal to the steel or you’re just out for a Sunday travel, maintain reading to see if you can fix these genuine “Jeopardy!” clues about cars. Recall to put your remedy in the form of a dilemma.

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